Posted by: Shira Danin | October 18, 2009

Just let it go

Two days ago I read an article on some Israeli news website. I won’t mention it or link to it because they don’t deserve the publicity.

He wrote about how Fibromyalgia is only diagnosed per the patients’ complaints, which makes it not real.

The writer says because you can go online and learn where the tender spots are and the symptoms, we are all faking it.

I was getting more pissed off with every line I read.

Tomer saw me and asked I stopped reading because it’s not worth me getting mad. He also suggested I invite all my online fibro friends to complain to the website for publishing this piece of nonsense.

The first suggestion was the right one, and I chose it.

I stopped reading and after two hours I managed to let it go and didn’t mention it again.

The feeling I had when reading the article reminded me of a feeling I had before regarding a different topic.

I grew up in a feminist home, with a sister who worked at a Rape Crisis Center. When I turned 22 I also worked and volunteered at the crisis center near my house. This topic is close to my heart and I always tried to educate people on the topic.

It is hard to explain, especially with all the resistance, prejudice and jokes, and I had a tendency to get upset and frustrated to no end.

It took me two years but I finally realized since the Fibrofun days started, that when I’m frustrated and upset, it only worsens the pain and fatigue.

Since then, when something or someone upset me and piss me off I have to remind myself the pain isn’t worth it and switch to something else; whatever is needed to push the anger out of my head.

Reading this stupid article made realize this and I thought it would make an interesting post subject.

Goodluck to all my fellow students (here in Israel) starting University & College today.

I hope my last year as a student will pass peacefully, with an emphasis on PASS!

And some comic relief:


Tomer cut his finger shaving…?!

crushhamperMy cat Crush trying to escape the day’s troubles in the laundry hamper



  1. O.K. I have to ask, how did he cut his finger???? 🙂

    • Long story:) when you come and visit us in Israel, Ill tell ya:)

      • If I ever win the lottery, I am coming!!!

  2. He forgot there was a fourth razor on top for the sideburns, and tapped it with his finger to get the muck off into the sink.
    when he came back with his bloody finger in toilette paper and left over foam on his face…i must have had the most confused look on my face:)
    I added you to my blogroll link list:)
    You keep blogging as well..!

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